Kensington, CA Overview

This is an overview map of Kensington, CA:

This is a description of the markers on the map, from top to bottom:

  • The top marker is Moeser Lane. While this street is not in Kensington proper, it provides a quick and direct, albeit incredibly steep, route up and down the hills from Kensington to the shops and schools of nearby El Cerrito.  Moeser lane is also the most direct route from Kensington to the freeway when headed North or East, towards Marin County and Sacramento.
  • The next marker down is Upper Kensington. Here you will find within walking distance from many Kensington homes  a nice selection of shops and offices. Highlights include a cafe, restaurant, grocery store, hardware store, wine shop, cheese shop and several professional offices.
  • Next down is Lower Kensington. Located here is another group of restaurants, stores, and services. Popular favorites here are the English style pub and local bakery.
  • The bottom marker is for Solano Ave, just outside of Kensington proper. A variety of high quality stores and restaurants line this thoroughfare. Just below Solano Ave. is Marin Ave. In addition to being a famously steep hill,  Marin, by way of Arlington Ave. and The Circle, is the best way for Kensington drivers to gain access to Berkeley and the freeway when headed South or West, towards Oakland and San Francisco.


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